My real name, artist name and the name of my company!

I study the world with my own eyes while traveling and living abroad for years. Over time I have collected many impressions of this planet and its diversity of nature and culture, which I now process through my art.

Sometimes I paint and find peace, other times it is a war with myself. I dive deep into my inner world, it is mainly an improvisation, I rarely have an idea what I will paint. I work very intuitively, it starts with one movement that turns into the next until something emerges.

I learned to paint by watching how nature works, my favorite artist of all time. I have an idea of when a painting is complete for me, it is a blending of colors, shapes and textures in the whole, a subliminal message in it. I finished the painting when something left me and spilled over onto the artwork.

I thought about how to get my art out into the world, and printed some artworks on clothing.

The results were great and the reactions to them even greater, so I decided to design and publish my own clothing line, which found followers all over the world. Read more about my brand and the vision and mission behind it in the latest blog post!