The world keeps moving forward and creativity is expanding everywhere. New possibilities are arriving and we all share a part.

Nowadays, anybody can become an artist. We have our resources for creating material, the web for studying our skills and social media to present our brand and grow a community.

Fashion is no longer restricted to an exclusive circle. Streetwear has claimed its acceptance in the fashion world and individual expression is being celebrated all over the world.

Universal Funk - This is how we call this movement and we have chosen it as the title for our first collection!

Be colorful. Be confident! 

Just as we love the urban street style for its simplicity, we also love the colorful and abstract designs. Combining these two elements defines the vision of our brand.

Inspired by the infinite variety of nature and diverse cultures of this world, we have created some unique and vibrant fashion that attracts confident individualists, who don’t mind getting that extra glance on the streets!

Our mission is to bring a new, colorful day into everyone's world with every unique piece we designed. 

Finally receive the attention you've been hiding from, or let the colors emphasize what you've already brought out of yourself!

Bring the colors back into your life, wear the confidence you want to feel and eventually become the director of your own life.

Check out the new collection now! - UNIVERSAL FUNK


Stay creative!


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